Have you ever woke up one morning and realised how utterly bored you are?

This happened to me last year and it made question every decision I’d made in my life up until that point. I had everything that I thought I’d ever wanted: a wonderful husband who works hard, two gorgeous daughters and a beautiful home to raise them in. Surely I was living a blessed life that any sane person would be grateful for, but somehow I was unsatisfied.

Although I loved packing my little ones off to school each day, when I did I realised that I had a lot of free time to myself. Keeping the house clean was hardly a challenge when you had 30 hours a week to do it in and I never wanted for anything. This was part of the problem.

In my life leading up to having the girls I’d worked as a PA, a job that kept me constantly busy and incredibly stressed. Although having our kids certainly came with its own set of challenges, I found that I eased into these daily battles fairly easily. I never felt as challenged as I did in that early job, and as time got on, this job only got easier and I got increasingly bored. This was the stimulus behind me starting Cupcake Mama, a baking blog with a saucy twist.

One part Great British Bakeoff, 2 parts Fifty Shades of Grey, this blog offers those who are a little bored themselves a chance to try something new and a little bit daring at the same time. If you’re an experienced baker who’s in need of a little inspiration then there’ll certainly be something here that will pique your interest. If you’ve never considered exploring your kinky side, then you may find something that’s more than a little eyebrow-raising…